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This week has been one of getting into the swing of the New Year. The decorations have been taken down and the house has had a clean. Years ago I read a book by Una Stubbs who said that Spring cleaning should be done in January and February when the weather isn’t so good and then when Spring comes you can go out and enjoy yourself, it always made perfect sense to me so I start each year with a clean then try to focus on each room in turn for a more thorough clean. Trouble is I tend to get distracted whenever I find sewing or crafting stuff!

I thought I’d show you my sons’ home made crochet gifts from Christmas. I LOVED making these and hope you’ll like them too.

Son 1 (the one interested in all things sea life) got his own little bit of a coral reef!

20171208_105912 - Copy20171208_105928 - Copy20171208_105935 - Copy20171208_105954 - Copy20171208_110013 - Copy

I loved making this as I just made it up as I went along, adding more and more bits and pieces as I went. I started with some pictures of crocheted reefs and found a couple of tutorials to set me on the right path and then I just hooked away. Son 1 was very appreciative and even suggested that I make another one 🙂

Son 2 got this cactus as his pressie, I loved making this too, it made me chuckle!

20171118_112557 - Copy20171118_112610 - Copy20171118_112619 - Copy

The cactus was from a pattern from Zoe Creates here. The mini stetson was from a dolls pattern I found somewhere in the ether.

You may have seen from my last post that my daughter got a tiny little crocheted sheep to go with her nativity shepherds.

20171208_110639 - Copy

She was made using perle embroidery thread and was extremely fiddly, so those shepherds have only got the one to look after – a very small flock indeed!

I think I’ve shared all my Christmas makes with you now 🙂 Hope you enjoyed seeing them.  If you have time why not drop me a line in the comments section, it’s always nice to hear from you.

Right then, back to the cleaning…..or there is that sewing that needs to be done….

Until next time,

Chris x



4 thoughts on “Crochet Gifts

  1. They’re all fantastic. I love the coral particularly! Funny how the New Year inspires us to have a good fresh start at things….. I’m sorting the house a room at a time starting with no. 2 sons room. Challenging to say the least!! See you next week x

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