And That was Summer :)

Welcome 🙂

What a LOVELY summer we’ve had, not necessarily weather wise although there have been some beautiful summer days along the way.

Son 1’s wedding was a joy, the weather behaved and everything went smoothly. Here are a couple of photos of the happy couple.


Our new daughter in law is German and apparently it it a tradition that the bride and groom cut their way around a heart before the groom carries his bride through the heart shaped hole.



This is an artistic shot of all the guests making a tunnel for the happy couple to walk through as they left the reception. Can you see all the bunting in the background 🙂

It was the real highlight of our summer, closely followed by a lovely few days in the Lake District with Son 2, Daughter and her hubby where we stayed in an idyllic little cottage near Kendal.

Heads CottageNot much sewing has been done over the summer, a few Dear Jane blocks which haven’t been photographed yet and that’s about it – but now that September is here I have started making a few gifts for Christmas. The Santa I showed you in my last post is now finished and I’ve two other projects on the go with more needing to be started soon.


I will have to photograph my Dear Jane blocks so you can see them – it’s all triangles 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x







5 thoughts on “And That was Summer :)

  1. What a nice tradition cutting the heart shape! And look at all your bunting hard work on display. Beautiful. So did the bride and groom leave the reception while the guests still stayed? I remember when I was very young and attending family weddings, the bride and groom always left the reception and came back in their “going away” clothes for a final goodbye. I’ve not heard of that being done these days.


  2. A lovely wedding. His new wife looks very German. I didn’t get all that blonde stuff, but I know many who have it. That photo of the place you stayed looks like a painting, and it’s so picturesque.


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