Two Hearts

Welcome 🙂

The family wedding is no longer creeping closer it has moved on to a steady gallop. Next weekend the happy couple will be Mr and Mrs and we’re all really looking forward to celebrating with them.

This week I made them a little something to make them smile. I had a few bits of fabric left over from the mountain of bunting I made for them so I thought I’d use it up and make a table runner.


As I was using scrips and scraps I knew I wouldn’t have enough fabric to make the binding using my usual method but luckily I remembered a tutorial for ‘Susie’s Magic Binding‘ which shows you how you can use two different fabrics for the binding and create the look of having a narrow flange.


Now I hadn’t used this method before so I was pleased with how it worked out, the trickiest part was joining the binding together so the flange part looked continuous – it took a couple of goes but perseverance won the day!


If you’re ever in a similar situation of not having enough fabric to make a binding this method is worth giving a go, or I did use another method a while ago but without the flange, it’s here on my old blog UK City Crafter.

On another note I’ve started a ‘C’ project, here’s a glimpse…


Have a great week.

Until next time,

Chris x


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