Sewing Machine Pampering

Welcome 🙂

Not too much sewing has happened this week – just the paper bunting which daughter and son in law did last week end, they are carefully tied up in bundles so they don’t get all tangled up between now and the wedding. Hopefully that’s all the bunting done.


As it’s been busy, busy time at work I thought you might like to see somethings I made a while ago but didn’t blog about.

After I made the spool block mat for my new(ish)sewing machine to sit on (post here)

20170323_152528someone mentioned that it was a shame that my machine would cover up the mat and I wouldn’t be able to see it. Well that got me thinking that I could also make a cover for my machine. And that’s just what I did.

20170708_14050020170708_140422I loved sorting out all the little bits of fabric from my scrap drawer to put in the spools – so many little reminders of what I’d made over the years. As you can see it’s a simple rectangle with some lace ties to hold it loosely on the machine, and the best thing about it is that I get to see it 😉

Of course once that was finished I felt like I should make a cover for my trusty old machine. I was ‘spool blocked out’ by that time so I looked around for another sewing related block and came across the thimble block.

I used these templates (the 1 and 1/2″ templates) and yet again enjoyed sorting through my scrap drawer for lots of bits and pieces (Why is it that the contents of my scrap drawer don’t seem to have gone down after all this raiding?)

This is the top when I’d made it up,

20170504_065544I’ve quilted it with a loopy, swirly pattern (technical name) which I practised on paper a lot beforehand – actually I got some tracing paper and lay it on top of the fabric so I could see the thimble design underneath (I did have to be careful not to press too hard though!)

20170504_065721Then I practised the fmq on a sample sandwich…

20170601_133225and when I was happy with that I started on the actual thing – I always find this part nerve wracking.20170601_065210

20170601_133342The stitches were mostly alright but I did find a couple of these hiccups where before and after were fine but something strange happened in between – thickness of fabric maybe? Any ideas?20170601_133334and the finished cover…20170708_14014620170708_14013720170708_140055I’ve learnt the hard way that I need to prepare before I quilt if I want good results. The good news is that after an initial wobble my new machine and I are getting used to each other and may even end up being friends 😉


Hopefully this week I shall have a bit more time to sew.


Until next time,

Chris x




4 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Pampering

  1. Very nice Christine. You have kept it all very simple and the results are stunning. Lovely job on both covers. Odd about the thread on the back going loose like that. Can’t think why. xx


  2. I like both machine covers, and I’m glad someone said what they did to get you started on those. The thread snags are a little odd. The only thing I can think of, since tension seems okay on everything, is that sometimes after the thread has gone through the needle a few times, it gets a little thin and snaggy. In the process of making the loops smaller, could that have caused the thread to sometimes get more worn than even straight stitching does?


  3. I like the covers – so very pretty! I really like how your spools came out. Weird bobbin. I’ve seen something like that in the beginning of quilting, or if the top thread gets caught on something, but not in the middle of stitching like that.


  4. Pretty scraps! Love the quilting ….. no idea about the loose thread, how annoying for you!
    When I attempted fmq this is all my machine did ….. totally! and I gave up in the end!
    Thanks for the link to the templates, but I don’t think I dare start anything like this ….. it would probably never be finished!
    Barbara x


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