I Am The Good Shepherd

Welcome 🙂

This week end has been my Church’s annual Flower Festival and, just like last year, a group of us sewers (or sewists to use a term I heard this week to make us sound less like yucky plumbing!) were invited to create a display.

Our theme was ‘I am The Good Shepherd’ and here is what we came up with – prepare yourself for a photo extravaganza!


Our group’s display was less of a flower arrangement and more of a flowery mead complete with a river of daisies running through it to provide a setting for The Good Shepherd.


Our shepherd was adapted from a pattern one of the group had for a Japanese lady, I just made the figure taller and broader and it seemed to work, and that sheep is a big version of these little ones which, together with a few others, were hidden throughout the church for visitors to spot. It was lovely to hear people suddenly exclaiming, ‘There’s one!’ as they walked around 🙂


I finished all the clothes off with a simple running stitch, the shepherds crook was made from one of those wire coat hangers and a bamboo skewer all covered in florist’s tape. It was attached to the figure’s hand with a couple of stitches and pushed into a disguised piece of blu-tack on the window sill so it didn’t move.




The ‘River of daisies’. We made all the flowers from felt which was a new thing for all of us.

Can you see the ivy in the background? Well, years ago I did a spot of sugar icing and that wired leaf technique was something I learned from that – I knew it would come in handy sometime 😉


Little Forget-me-nots, using that sugar icing technique again.


A little pansy, daisies and what’s supposed to be cosmos, I loved doing those, I think the centres look great and are very easy to do when you know how.


Anemones providing a splash of colour.


The Bible verse was written on stones to illustrate our display.

And here’s a little look at a few of the real flower displays done by our very talented flower arrangers.


If you got through all these photographs – well done!

Until next time,

Chris x



7 thoughts on “I Am The Good Shepherd

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I remember last year, though it startles me that it’s been a year already! Thanks for sharing some of the flower arrangements, too. Just beautiful!


  2. Oh, Chris! What a lovely post. Well done to you and your talented group!
    A wonderful shepherd, what a clever way of making the crook …. and a sweet sheep! The meandering river of daisies was a lovely idea. Thank you for sharing the wired leaf technique – it certainly was a useful method to know. I thought the ivy was real!
    Fabulous flower arrangements too!
    Barbara x


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