For My Sister

Welcome 🙂

This little stitchery wall hanging was made a while ago, in secret, for my sister’s birthday. As she has now been given it I can play show and tell.


Do you like the wiggly twig it’s hung on? I have a contorted beech in my garden and its branches grow like this  – well actually this one is one of the tree’s straighter branches.

I was going to embroider the berries on but my embroidery skills are distinctly rusty (if they were ever there at all actually!) so I did turn edge applique which was a bit tricky as they are tiny but easier than embroidering them – in my humble opinion!

I love everything about this simple stitchery, from the pretty design to the colours – it was hard to let it go!

20170316_08200620170316_081949The stitchery is called Tweet Home and is designed by Kathy Schmitz, she has kindly made it available for us to use just here.

Until next time,

Chris x



6 thoughts on “For My Sister

  1. I DO like that twig – perfect! That is a darling wall piece, and I think the appliquéd cherries add an extra touch to it. I thought I recognized that design! I like it even more with the border you added.


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