Embellishing Wildlife

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A couple of years ago I got myself involved with a community art project, a group of us made felted poppies and leaves which were made into a blanket and commemorated a local heroine called Edith Cavell. The whole experience was great fun and a bit of a learning curve too as I’d not known very much about Edith at the time. (You can read about it on my old blog here and here).

Last week I chanced upon a similar opportunity to get involved in an arty little something run by the same local artist, Charron Pugsley-Hill, aided and abetted by felter Eve Marshall. Charron is the artist in residence of my local country park and is planning on making a wall hanging depicting the wildlife found there.

This morning I turned up for a workshop and had fun needle felting and stitching together with five or six other folk.

In a previous session people had felted flowers, leaves and birds and today we were invited to embellish them however we wanted to.

This was the box of goodies we could choose from…


and there was a lovely big choice of embellishments to dig into.

I started off with a flower,


Then had a go at needle felting a caterpillar onto a leaf,


I think he ended up looking more like a punk rocker worm!

Then I had a go at a couple more items,


sequins and beads


Needle felted and beaded ladybird

And altogether…


I ran out of time after these. The final wall hanging will be revealed later on in the year so I’ll post about it then. It was lovely to have the opportunity to take part in this creative community event. Have any of you done something like this?

Until next time,

Chris x



2 thoughts on “Embellishing Wildlife

  1. That looks very interesting! I’ve never had the chance to do something like that, but it does look like fun, and a chance to try something new. I LIKE your caterpiller punk rocker!


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