One Hour Basket

Welcome 🙂

This week I took part in an ‘in-house’ workshop to make a 1 hour basket. The lady taking it (one of the members of our group) was rather tongue in cheek about the title of the workshop, which proved to be just as well as it took all of us considerably more than an hour to do a good job on it!

As with all workshops I’ve ever experienced everyone’s baskets turned out to be unique and individual. Different sizes and different ways to combine fabrics.


Not everyone finished but we weren’t far off!


This one is mine…


I decided I wanted to make something for my knitting or crochet to go in and I’m hoping that this will be perfect.


They aren’t difficult at all and if you’d like to have a go then Sweetpea Quilting  have a freebie pattern which is very similar. Find it here.

Until next time,

Chris x



5 thoughts on “One Hour Basket

  1. There are some great basket patterns around – I have made a few! Looks like your group made a great collection. I like your idea too for a knitting crochet basket – looks good. xx


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