Cotton Reels Aplenty

Welcome 🙂

Technical problems have been plaguing my trusty laptop recently but my even trustier hubby has come to the rescue to sort it out so I hope you haven’t forgotten who I am!

I’ve been enjoying stitching away on my spool blocks during my lunch breaks and have finally got round to making them into a special table topper for my new machine to sit upon.




I have loved making this, using up all those tiny scraps, the pity is that for a good proportion of the time it will be covered up by my sewing machine!

This is the first time I’ve used the walking foot on my new machine and I was very ropey to say the least (although, looking at the photos, it looks fine), anyway in reality it doesn’t hold up to close inspection but I keep telling myself how else am I going to improve if I don’t just ‘do it’?


Hope you all have a good week end, and those of you who are Mums – enjoy Mothering Sunday tomorrow.


Until next time,

Chris x


5 thoughts on “Cotton Reels Aplenty

  1. That is lovely Christine. You’ve inspired me and I’d love to make one. What are the dimensions of your pieces? I think the square is an inch (? ) but not sure about the sides? ?

    Lady lodge Lynne x


  2. That’s a wonderful quiltlet on which to rest your machine. You’ll have to make another one to hang on the wall. =) I’m glad your laptop is sorted out now. Husbands are the greatest!


  3. Gosh, I’m glad hubby was able to fix your laptop!
    Your quiltlet is gorgeous, and much too good to go under your machine! I think it should definitely be a wall hanging!
    You’re right, if we don’t get on with the quilting we will never learn! Must start my quilting this week!!!! And now I’m trying to resist the temptation to make a spool quiltlet too ….. but just in case I cave in ….. what were your dimensions??? Tee hee!
    Have a great week!
    Barbara x


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