Slow Stitching

Welcome 🙂

Amaryllis 2017

Yes, it’s finally flowering and it was well worth the wait. Not the first to flower in the family competition by any means but bringing up the rear in a grand finale!

This week I decided to work a bit on my Dear Jane quilt – I seem to be stopping and starting quite a bit with this project now, so it was good to get on with it.

I had intended to do just two blocks as they’re so time consuming but have enjoyed it so much I carried on and got 4 completed with a couple of others all prepped and ready to go.


C8  Hani’s Crown – Foundation pieced.


J6 Granny Weaver – pieced.


K6 Ann’s Folly – Foundation pieced.


K8 Springbrook Park – Foundation pieced. This one was a familiar one as I’d already made it but I’d done it in the wrong fabric! So this was Springbrook Park mark II

K8 twice

I think I’ve managed to make three in the wrong fabric now, they will all be sewn together and made into either the quilt label or a cushion. After all the time they take to make I’m not wasting any of them!

I’m still doing my EPP spool blocks – nearly enough to make something now 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x




4 thoughts on “Slow Stitching

  1. Your Amaryllis is beautiful but they are strange plants. I have many Amaryllis plants. Most of them have bloomed this year and have leaves, but there are 2 stragglers coming along. One has a stem with bud at the end. The other one is just poking it’s head through the soil. It might bloom by the first of May. Why? I don’t know. They were potted the same time as the other, I watered them like the others, I did everything to them just like the others. Amaryllis are just like people. Some are prompt and on time and then there are those who just like to bloom in their own time.

    Your Jane blocks are looking so pretty. I love the fabrics. Blessings!


  2. Your flower looks great – well worth waiting for! Your blocks are looking good too and I know the feeling – once you gat acouple done you want to do some more. Also I found that it was easier to prep a batch in one go. xx


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