One Hour Basket

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This week I took part in an ‘in-house’ workshop to make a 1 hour basket. The lady taking it (one of the members of our group) was rather tongue in cheek about the title of the workshop, which proved to be just as well as it took all of us considerably more than an hour to do a good job on it!

As with all workshops I’ve ever experienced everyone’s baskets turned out to be unique and individual. Different sizes and different ways to combine fabrics.


Not everyone finished but we weren’t far off!


This one is mine…


I decided I wanted to make something for my knitting or crochet to go in and I’m hoping that this will be perfect.


They aren’t difficult at all and if you’d like to have a go then Sweetpea Quilting  have a freebie pattern which is very similar. Find it here.

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Chris x



Cotton Reels Aplenty

Welcome 🙂

Technical problems have been plaguing my trusty laptop recently but my even trustier hubby has come to the rescue to sort it out so I hope you haven’t forgotten who I am!

I’ve been enjoying stitching away on my spool blocks during my lunch breaks and have finally got round to making them into a special table topper for my new machine to sit upon.




I have loved making this, using up all those tiny scraps, the pity is that for a good proportion of the time it will be covered up by my sewing machine!

This is the first time I’ve used the walking foot on my new machine and I was very ropey to say the least (although, looking at the photos, it looks fine), anyway in reality it doesn’t hold up to close inspection but I keep telling myself how else am I going to improve if I don’t just ‘do it’?


Hope you all have a good week end, and those of you who are Mums – enjoy Mothering Sunday tomorrow.


Until next time,

Chris x

Slow Stitching

Welcome 🙂

Amaryllis 2017

Yes, it’s finally flowering and it was well worth the wait. Not the first to flower in the family competition by any means but bringing up the rear in a grand finale!

This week I decided to work a bit on my Dear Jane quilt – I seem to be stopping and starting quite a bit with this project now, so it was good to get on with it.

I had intended to do just two blocks as they’re so time consuming but have enjoyed it so much I carried on and got 4 completed with a couple of others all prepped and ready to go.


C8  Hani’s Crown – Foundation pieced.


J6 Granny Weaver – pieced.


K6 Ann’s Folly – Foundation pieced.


K8 Springbrook Park – Foundation pieced. This one was a familiar one as I’d already made it but I’d done it in the wrong fabric! So this was Springbrook Park mark II

K8 twice

I think I’ve managed to make three in the wrong fabric now, they will all be sewn together and made into either the quilt label or a cushion. After all the time they take to make I’m not wasting any of them!

I’m still doing my EPP spool blocks – nearly enough to make something now 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x



Happy St David’s Day

Welcome 🙂

Today is the day that Welsh people celebrate St David, the patron Saint of Wales. As I have a Welsh hubby it’s a day when daffodils are worn. Hubby wears a real one in his lapel and so I don’t feel left out I’ve made this one for me to wear,


Lucy from Attic 24 has a tutorial for this pretty daff – just here. I made mine using Anchor Pearl Cotton thread (the yellow is colour 301, the orange is shade 304 and the green is a mystery as I’ve lost the band!) and a 1.75mm hook so it’s only 4cm wide.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

Until next time,

Chris x