Being Brave

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This year two of my quilting groups are making syringe driver bags for the local hospital and this week one group dedicated our monthly all day sewing session to making these bags.

If you want to read about these bags there’s a link to a site here which also gives instructions on how to make them although if you want to make some it might be a good idea to contact your local hospital just in case they like them to be a different size.

My understanding is that syringe drivers are used mainly in pain management. They administer a continuous dose of medication to the patient via a needle or cannula. The drivers are like boxes with syringes attached and patients need to have them near by.

They are also an ideal way of using up a bit of stash fabric. I seem to have quite a bit of lovely fabric which has been hanging around for far too long with no other project in mind and this week was its time to shine!


The hospital encourages folk to add a label with your name on which is a nice touch isn’t it?

It must be terrible to be in so much pain so making a few little bags to help people who are being very brave seems a small thing to do.


I had a little production line happening on the day and now have 12 waiting to be finished. Each one with a cheeky monkey on the inside – hopefully to make someone smile 😉


I was on holiday last week so I had some time to devote to learning my way around my new sewing machine. It’s very different to use from my old one and I feel like I’m having to learn how to do easy things all over again. In fact at the moment I feel like a beginner on both machines as I have to keep adapting what I do depending on what I’m sewing on!

Here are a few photos of my attempts at fmq – be kind.


A wonky start, with tension issues and lots of reading of the instruction manual to discover how to put things right.



The trick was to change the foot plate (my old machine only has one 🙂 ) and use a silicon slider mat.


This is called poppy petals and is a new one to me.

And finally an update of my amaryllis…


Won’t be long 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x



4 thoughts on “Being Brave

  1. I think your FMQ looks lovely. I’m still in the straight line or curvy line mode. I do have spiral quilting down. Next time I show my FMQ, don’t you laugh! Your syringe bags are very nice, love that monkey inside. That will surely bring a smile to the recipients face.


  2. Love the syringe driver bags, such a kind idea ….. especially with the hidden sweet little monkeys, and lovely to have the personal touch of name labels!
    Be kind?!!!! But, your FMQ looks fantastic to me!
    Congrats on your Amaryllis ….. looking good!
    Have a great week!
    Barbara xx


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