Cotton Reels

Welcome 🙂

After overcoming the disappointment of not winning the family flower growing competition (!) I’ve moved on to starting a new hand sewing project. I suppose this sounds a bit odd given that I’ve just got a brand new sewing machine but hand sewing is so necessary for long (or short) lunchtimes at work and for taking to sewing groups.

I’ve long admired the spool block and decided to english paper piece a few to make a table topper for my swanky new machine to sit upon.

I started by measuring the table and working out the best size of block to make. I want to use up some of my scraps so I went for small 3″ blocks – lots of scope for those tiny pieces of favourite fabric to be used up.

Then I printed out some 1″ squared paper from the Incompetech site here. (If you do this please measure the squares to make sure your printer prints them out square – otherwise you may get a wonky spool which sounds quite fun actually.)

I marked the various pattern pieces.


Then photocopied the sheet so I had lots of templates.

And I was ready to go…


Spools everywhere


Loving how this little block can use up really small scraps for the ‘cotton’ part of the spool.

This is me all organised for my lunchtimes (with sandwiches too!)


Until next time,

Chris x


4 thoughts on “Cotton Reels

    • Thanks, I’m wondering if there are any other ‘sewing themed’ blocks I could sew for my sewing room. It would be cool if there were a thimble block or a pincushion block wouldn’t it? Or perhaps there already are.

      Chris x



  1. What a great idea, Chris! I love you blocks, they are really pretty!
    I need to make one of these for my machine too! I’ll have to add it to my list though, I’ve just committed to join in with a quilt blog hop.
    Barbara x


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