Puffing Away

Welcome 🙂

Last week I told you about the crochet gift I made for younger son. Well this is what older son received as his ‘silly’ Christmas gift.


Some of you may remember that older son is a fan of all things fishy so this was PERFECT for him. This was another project with great details – those eyes and mouth really do pop out and all those lumps and bumps are brilliant. I really enjoyed making this.

There are so many brilliant patterns to be found on the web and this one is by Vanessa Mooncie. The pattern is found here – Crochet Puffer Fish you’ll need to scroll down the page a bit to find it but it’s there!

If you want to have a go at making this it’s worth pointing out that those bumps on the surface of the fish gave me pause for thought. The pattern says they are picot stitches and maybe they are but not what I’ve always known as picot stitches. Instead they are what I would call granule stitch – there are plenty of YouTube videos to help with this but the tutorial I used was this one –Granule Stitch with instructions for lefties and righties 🙂

Update on the Great Amaryllis Competition

This is a competition some of my family are doing, we all started growing our bulbs on New Year’s Day. This is mine today…


and this was Son 1’s last week end!




Until next time,

Chris x



2 thoughts on “Puffing Away

  1. What a gorgeous fish, Chris! Interesting pattern ….. but too much for my knitting “skills” so, much kudos to you! Well done!

    I wouldn’t worry too much yet, perhaps your Amaryllis is a late starter and will shoot up and be fine! Do they require warmth to grow better?

    Barbara xx


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