En Provence

Welcome πŸ™‚

I took my untrimmed Mystery quilt blocks to my Quilting group yesterday and was busy trimming them (a good job to do in company, I find, as the chatter and fun going on around me make it much more bearable!) when a new member came up to me and said, ‘ Is that the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt?’ She’d recognised Bonnie’s colour scheme and the blocks, I was pleased πŸ™‚


I’ve just about made all the blocks now and the tedious trimming process is happening. I really should have trimmed as I went – lesson learnt!

Monday was the opportunity for folk who were making the quilt to post their finished tops on Bonnie’s blog and, my word, what a lovely variety of tops have been made. One lady has not only pieced her top but layered it and quilted it as well – very impressed. Why not pop along and have a look – just here.

I’ve only made one block and a few sashing strips so far. I want to try and get all my points right so I shall be going slowly. But I love how it’s turning out.


There’s still a lot to do but there’s no rush.

At Christmas my family all received plant pots containing an Amaryllis bulb so we decided on a light-hearted (!) competition to see whose bulb could flower first.

This is mine…


… so far I’m last!

Until next time,

Chris x


2 thoughts on “En Provence

  1. My Amaryllis are all being slow this year. I do have a couple buds peeking up but I’m afraid it is going to be months yet before they bloom. I want flowers now!!!! I always put off trimming too then do it all at once. I’d rather do everything at one time and be finished with it as to have to stop and trim again and again. Blessings!


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