Sheepish Happenings and a Happy New Year

Welcome 🙂

happy-new-year-2017A while ago I shared with you that my sewing group were going to participate in a sort of Secret Santa for each other. I made eight little crochet sheep and each member was going to make a coat for one sheep which would be given to a specific member for Christmas.

Well, we have exchanged our sheep and I was very impressed at the creativity of my little group of friends. Here’s the one I made.20161118_12454920161118_12453720161118_124604The person I made my sheep jacket for has a special spot in her heart for pansies so they just had to be part of the design. The pansy pattern is by Carola Wijma and can be found here – Pansy pattern, you’ll see that I made mine slightly differently using only two colours instead of the three that Carola suggests.

The grand reveal of everyone’s sheep was great fun and here they are in all their splendour!20161215_20565820161215_205604They all looked very different but were just right for their own particular owners. The one in the mauve fur collared jacket was made for me, my friend had embroidered the word forbearance on it which is a special word for me at the moment.

Here it is settling in with the crew in my sewing room (aka dining room!)20161216_100759Wishing you all a very Happy and Hopeful 2017.

Until next time,

Chris x



5 thoughts on “Sheepish Happenings and a Happy New Year

  1. OMGosh! These are so cute! Love your pansies ….. thanks for the link to the pattern. The sheep made for you is cute too!

    I wish you a Very Happy, and Healthy New Year, with lots of stitching!

    Barbara xx


  2. What a lovely collection Chris. Your pansies are gorgeous and the one you received was the one I picked out as my favourite before I read that it was yours! Happy New Year. xx


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