Puffing Away

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Last week I told you about the crochet gift I made for younger son. Well this is what older son received as his ‘silly’ Christmas gift.


Some of you may remember that older son is a fan of all things fishy so this was PERFECT for him. This was another project with great details – those eyes and mouth really do pop out and all those lumps and bumps are brilliant. I really enjoyed making this.

There are so many brilliant patterns to be found on the web and this one is by Vanessa Mooncie. The pattern is found here – Crochet Puffer FishΒ you’ll need to scroll down the page a bit to find it but it’s there!

If you want to have a go at making this it’s worth pointing out that those bumps on the surface of the fish gave me pause for thought. The pattern says they are picot stitches and maybe they are but not what I’ve always known as picot stitches. Instead they are what I would call granule stitch – there are plenty of YouTube videos to help with this but the tutorial I used was this one –Granule StitchΒ with instructions for lefties and righties πŸ™‚

Update on the Great Amaryllis Competition

This is a competition some of my family are doing, we all started growing our bulbs on New Year’s Day. This is mine today…


and this was Son 1’s last week end!




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Crochet Fun

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Work has been very busy so little time has happened for crafting, although I am still trimming all those blocks for my Bonnie Hunter En Provence mystery quilt – a little bit of trimming followed by a little bit of piecing. Later today I shall be going to my quilt group and guess what I’ll be taking to do?!!

I love crocheting almost as much as sewing and I have a sort of tradition that I make each of my children a homemade gift for Christmas. The ‘sort of’ bit is because if it doesn’t happen I don’t get stressed about it and I’m sure they don’t either.

This year my boys (sorry young men πŸ˜‰ ) received crochet animals.

Youngest son, who is at University in Wales received a dragon.



I loved the details on this little fella. I can’t begin to describe the joy I felt when I realised he had nostrils! Those ridged wings look good too together with claws on the edges of the wings. The only change I made to the pattern was that when I stuffed him I inserted pipe cleaners into the body so he can be posed.

The pattern is a freebie and if you feel the inclination to make one for yourself here is the link.

Fierce Little Dragon by Lucy Collin

I’ll show you what I made for Older son in another post.

Now, back to the trimming πŸ˜‰

Until next time,

Chris x

En Provence

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I took my untrimmed Mystery quilt blocks to my Quilting group yesterday and was busy trimming them (a good job to do in company, I find, as the chatter and fun going on around me make it much more bearable!) when a new member came up to me and said, ‘ Is that the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt?’ She’d recognised Bonnie’s colour scheme and the blocks, I was pleased πŸ™‚


I’ve just about made all the blocks now and the tedious trimming process is happening. I really should have trimmed as I went – lesson learnt!

Monday was the opportunity for folk who were making the quilt to post their finished tops on Bonnie’s blog and, my word, what a lovely variety of tops have been made. One lady has not only pieced her top but layered it and quilted it as well – very impressed. Why not pop along and have a look – just here.

I’ve only made one block and a few sashing strips so far. I want to try and get all my points right so I shall be going slowly. But I love how it’s turning out.


There’s still a lot to do but there’s no rush.

At Christmas my family all received plant pots containing an Amaryllis bulb so we decided on a light-hearted (!) competition to see whose bulb could flower first.

This is mine…


… so far I’m last!

Until next time,

Chris x

Sister’s Choice

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I’m enjoying seeing lots of bloggers showing their 2016 finishes and their 2017 projects. I still haven’t made any decisions on what to work on this year but Dear Jane will be high on my list, I am close to finishing all the square blocks (about 10 more to do) now so need to get ready for the challenge of the triangular blocks.

As for my 2016 makes well here’s a few I made for my sister. I made these cushion covers way back in September. She’d visited my niece out in New Zealand a while ago and returned with a bag of ‘Made in New Zealand’ quilting fabrics and a request to make a few things for her Christmas present.

The brief was very open, ‘ cushion covers, all different, scrappy style, you choose the design’.

Hmm, I thought, one of the blocks has just got to be Sister’s Choice! And here it is…


The batik fabric she gave me was beautiful. It has kiwis, ferns and the outline of New Zealand on it, as my niece lives on North Shore I tried to get that part of the pattern in the centre.

I also did a Sawtooth Star


with a bit of fussy cutting to get that Kiwi in the centre.


I made a couple more but sadly have mislaid the photos of them – you’ll just have to take my word for it;)

She also wanted some place mats making using a specific piece of fabric so that was straight forward to do.


The patterned fabric only needed simple quilting and all those straight lines on the fabric helped keep me stitching straight too!


Until next time,

Chris x


Sheepish Happenings and a Happy New Year

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happy-new-year-2017A while ago I shared with you that my sewing group were going to participate in a sort of Secret Santa for each other. I made eight little crochet sheep and each member was going to make a coat for one sheep which would be given to a specific member for Christmas.

Well, we have exchanged our sheep and I was very impressed at the creativity of my little group of friends.Β Here’s the one I made.20161118_12454920161118_12453720161118_124604The person I made my sheep jacket for has a special spot in her heart for pansies so they just had to be part of the design. The pansy pattern is by Carola Wijma and can be found here – Pansy pattern, you’ll see that I made mine slightly differently using only two colours instead of the three that Carola suggests.

The grand reveal of everyone’s sheep was great fun and here they are in all their splendour!20161215_20565820161215_205604They all looked very different but were just right for their own particular owners. The one in the mauve fur collared jacket was made for me, my friend had embroidered the word forbearance on it which is a special word for me at the moment.

Here it is settling in with the crew in my sewing room (aka dining room!)20161216_100759Wishing you all a very Happy and Hopeful 2017.

Until next time,

Chris x