Busy Days

Welcome 🙂

In between a bit of present sewing I’ve been working, as ever, on my Dear Jane. This is the latest batch


C13 Lakota Sioux. Foundation pieced with a bit of reverse stitching too! This is one of the few where Jane used two different accent colours.


K5 Passing Through. A bit of ordinary piecing and a bit of foundation piecing. I’m appreciating the occasional larger pieces of fabric – just so you can see the pattern on it, I particularly like the flower pattern on this one.


L! Widow’s Pane. This one is foundation pieced, I suppose I could have fussy cut the fabric but, to be honest, it didn’t occur to me! Both this one and the next one need to be mirrored so the design comes out the right way.


L2 Stephanie’s Snowflake – all foundation pieced.

There are a few more but I’ll save them for another day. In the meanwhile I shall get back to my secret sewing and occasional DJ block.

Enjoy your week.

Until next time,

Chris x



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