A Time to Remember

Welcome 🙂

I have been busy finishing off a project for my church. I confess that this project was supposed to be one I completed during Lent but I only got the background pieced which didn’t take long and then I went on a mission to find a pattern for some poppies that I liked.

It took a while and then, by chance, I came across this book by Lynn Ann Majidimehr and my search was over but, by then, so was Lent 😉


So this project really got started during September when I’d collected the fabric together.

I fused all the flower pieces in place on the background then I started stitching all the pieces down by hand using blanket stitch. Some lovely friends all took a turn at doing some and in the end it quickly came together to produce this…


Although there is pink in the poppies the overall impression is red – not sure if that comes out in the photos.

I finished it off with a few beads and stitches for the stamens and was quite amazed at what a difference it made.

And here it is in situ, ready for Remembrance Day tomorrow.


Fuzzy photo – I must have been in a bit of a rush – or excited at seeing it in Church for the first time!


Now back to Dear Jane 😉

Until next time,

Chris x



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