Busy Days

Welcome 🙂

In between a bit of present sewing I’ve been working, as ever, on my Dear Jane. This is the latest batch


C13 Lakota Sioux. Foundation pieced with a bit of reverse stitching too! This is one of the few where Jane used two different accent colours.


K5 Passing Through. A bit of ordinary piecing and a bit of foundation piecing. I’m appreciating the occasional larger pieces of fabric – just so you can see the pattern on it, I particularly like the flower pattern on this one.


L! Widow’s Pane. This one is foundation pieced, I suppose I could have fussy cut the fabric but, to be honest, it didn’t occur to me! Both this one and the next one need to be mirrored so the design comes out the right way.


L2 Stephanie’s Snowflake – all foundation pieced.

There are a few more but I’ll save them for another day. In the meanwhile I shall get back to my secret sewing and occasional DJ block.

Enjoy your week.

Until next time,

Chris x



A Time to Remember

Welcome 🙂

I have been busy finishing off a project for my church. I confess that this project was supposed to be one I completed during Lent but I only got the background pieced which didn’t take long and then I went on a mission to find a pattern for some poppies that I liked.

It took a while and then, by chance, I came across this book by Lynn Ann Majidimehr and my search was over but, by then, so was Lent 😉


So this project really got started during September when I’d collected the fabric together.

I fused all the flower pieces in place on the background then I started stitching all the pieces down by hand using blanket stitch. Some lovely friends all took a turn at doing some and in the end it quickly came together to produce this…


Although there is pink in the poppies the overall impression is red – not sure if that comes out in the photos.

I finished it off with a few beads and stitches for the stamens and was quite amazed at what a difference it made.

And here it is in situ, ready for Remembrance Day tomorrow.


Fuzzy photo – I must have been in a bit of a rush – or excited at seeing it in Church for the first time!


Now back to Dear Jane 😉

Until next time,

Chris x


Coasting Along

Welcome 🙂

This week I spent a bit of time sorting out some of my little pieces of favourite fabric determined to make them into something. If you’re anything like me these treasures just get stuck in a scrap drawer and get forgotten about. So I was on a mini mission to liberate some of them and I decided to make some drinks coasters.

Some time ago on my old blog I made a few coasters using a hexagon pattern and I decided to use the same pattern (old blog post is here) again.

Anyway here they are,


I love this soft grey Tilda fabric – so pretty.


and that bird fabric was my one and only purchase from my visit to the Festival of Quilts last year – does anyone recognise it?

I made 9 in total and took one into work to pretty up my desk, the others will have their first use later today.

I’ve also been busy doing a bit more on Jane,


L13 Harvest Moon – machine pieced and reverse appliqued. Some hand sewing with this one which was nice as I sat in front of the TV watching Strictly Come Dancing and sewed.


G1 Hattie’s Hen House – machine pieced and reverse appliqued just like the previous one. These two were very similar indeed, I wonder if when Jane made her blocks she used to ‘fixate’ on one method for a while before moving on to another, I suppose the trick is to make all those similar blocks together so you get good at the technique.


G4 Shutter Bug – This one is foundation pieced over one piece of paper which I found so much nicer than having lots of little pieces left at the end to sew together.

I’m now going to have a look through my collection of WIPs to see which one is going to get some attention this month – anyone know when a current project becomes a WIP? Maybe I can count DJ as a WIP now?

Until next time,

Chris x