Is it Cheating?

Welcome 🙂

As time is going on I’m becoming more confident to try out my own methods to make up the DJ blocks. These next three blocks are a case in point.

In all the instructions I’ve come across these three are all foundation pieced,  maybe with a bit of applique on Sally’s Pride for those little triangles. But in an effort to make them a bit easier I decided that instead of foundation piecing all those skinny strips I would try out using my bias tape maker and applique them on instead.


L12 Sally’s Pride – the centre was machine pieced as normal but then I hand sewed the bias tape (which I made with straight of grain fabric ‘cos there are no curves in this!) in place before trapping its ends when I machined on the outer border.

and then I used some more tape for the basket handles on Berry Baskets


H3 Berry Baskets – a similar method to before, I hand stitched the handles onto the centre square then trapped the tape ends in the machined seam as I stitched the block together.

and then I used JUST tape for L6 Maze of Madness…


well almost …all that outside white border is machine pieced but it could easily have been tape too.

What do you think? Cheating or not?

Until next time,

Chris x


4 thoughts on “Is it Cheating?

  1. Nope, it is not cheating. I used whatever method necessary to piece my Jane blocks. Think about it, Jane Stickle hand pieced her blocks so technically, using a sewing machine would be cheating. I used my machine. Your blocks are so pretty, I just love the blues! Blessings, Gretchen


  2. There’s no such think as cheating in quilting. =) I think it looks terrific each place you’ve used it, and see no reason not to do it that way.


  3. Have to agree with Gretchen there so no not cheating. I have never done foundation piecing so I used EPP for the small fiddly blocks and it worked a treat for me. Each to his own. Your blocks look great Chris. xx


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