Jane Again

Welcome 🙂

Well Jane is certainly getting attention now, I’ve managed to prepare quite a few blocks ready for when I have a moment spare to sew. The hand sewing gets done mainly at work in my lunchtime which breaks my day up nicely. I tend to eat my lunch at my desk so I’m not sure what the people who wander into the office think but so far no-one has said anything.


G9 Mary’s Journey – Foundation pieced


F2 Kaleidoscope – EPP


E7 Bread Basket – EPP and applique.


J4 Adelaine’s Apron Strings – EPP nice and simple. I’m so pleased that I didn’t do all the easy ones right at the beginning as it’s great to come across them just when I need a bit of a boost.

I went to my monthly quilting group last night and we were all sewing Christmas trees made up of hexagons, as usual lots of chatting happened and so this first picture is what I’ll end up with eventually but the second photo is what I have at the moment!

Enjoy your sewing.

Until next time,

Chris x


7 thoughts on “Jane Again

  1. Hi
    Sorry I missed seeing you at the group on Thursday-poorly tummy. Unfortunately I won’t make the next two weeks either due to pressure of work😟 keep sewing xx


  2. Love your blog😊 I wondered if you could share how you decide on the order in which you sew the DJ blocks?
    Is it random or do you have a plan for the overall quilt?


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