Re-surging Interest in Jane

Welcome đŸ™‚

My Dear Jane has once again become flavour of the month.

After a while away I’ve become eager to work on her again. Here are a few blocks I’ve done.


A4 Courtney’s Stethoscope – foundation pieced, applique and reverse applique.


A10 Which Points West? – EPP and applique. This is the second time I’ve made this one, the first time I made it in the wrong blue!


D1 Alison’s Guiding Light – applique and machine pieced. I’m not sure about Alison’s guiding light I could have done with Christine’s guiding light for this, I started doing this one using foundation piecing and made an absolute pig’s ear of it so I improvised and am much happier with it.


J1 Josepha’s Jonquil – applique – simple.


J13 Pam’s Bells – Foundation pieced and applique.


M10 Simple Simon – nice and quick machine pieced.

These are all made with a new fabric addition to the Dear Jane mix – a soft turquoise. I was getting concerned that some of my fabric’s were running out so this one has come to the rescue.

Until next time,

Chris x


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