Is it Cheating?

Welcome 🙂

As time is going on I’m becoming more confident to try out my own methods to make up the DJ blocks. These next three blocks are a case in point.

In all the instructions I’ve come across these three are all foundation pieced,  maybe with a bit of applique on Sally’s Pride for those little triangles. But in an effort to make them a bit easier I decided that instead of foundation piecing all those skinny strips I would try out using my bias tape maker and applique them on instead.


L12 Sally’s Pride – the centre was machine pieced as normal but then I hand sewed the bias tape (which I made with straight of grain fabric ‘cos there are no curves in this!) in place before trapping its ends when I machined on the outer border.

and then I used some more tape for the basket handles on Berry Baskets


H3 Berry Baskets – a similar method to before, I hand stitched the handles onto the centre square then trapped the tape ends in the machined seam as I stitched the block together.

and then I used JUST tape for L6 Maze of Madness…


well almost …all that outside white border is machine pieced but it could easily have been tape too.

What do you think? Cheating or not?

Until next time,

Chris x


A Flock in my Sewing Room

Welcome 🙂

I made my son a sheep (see this post here), which he loved but I loved it too so I made another


Then I made another, and another and another until I ended up with a flock- my excitement levels must have been pretty high here as I didn’t even take a photo!

The purpose of this flock is that each member of my Ladies Wot Sew group has now been given one together with the name of a member of the group. They now have to make a little coat for their sheep which that member will like, for example we have a member who is mad about buttons so she might well end up with a sheep whose coat is decorated with buttons, one member loves a bit of bling so she might end up with a sparkly sheep!

These will be wrapped and be our Christmas gifts to each other.

I must remember to do a photo shoot of them when the time comes.

Until next time,

Chris x

Jane Again

Welcome 🙂

Well Jane is certainly getting attention now, I’ve managed to prepare quite a few blocks ready for when I have a moment spare to sew. The hand sewing gets done mainly at work in my lunchtime which breaks my day up nicely. I tend to eat my lunch at my desk so I’m not sure what the people who wander into the office think but so far no-one has said anything.


G9 Mary’s Journey – Foundation pieced


F2 Kaleidoscope – EPP


E7 Bread Basket – EPP and applique.


J4 Adelaine’s Apron Strings – EPP nice and simple. I’m so pleased that I didn’t do all the easy ones right at the beginning as it’s great to come across them just when I need a bit of a boost.

I went to my monthly quilting group last night and we were all sewing Christmas trees made up of hexagons, as usual lots of chatting happened and so this first picture is what I’ll end up with eventually but the second photo is what I have at the moment!

Enjoy your sewing.

Until next time,

Chris x

Re-surging Interest in Jane

Welcome 🙂

My Dear Jane has once again become flavour of the month.

After a while away I’ve become eager to work on her again. Here are a few blocks I’ve done.


A4 Courtney’s Stethoscope – foundation pieced, applique and reverse applique.


A10 Which Points West? – EPP and applique. This is the second time I’ve made this one, the first time I made it in the wrong blue!


D1 Alison’s Guiding Light – applique and machine pieced. I’m not sure about Alison’s guiding light I could have done with Christine’s guiding light for this, I started doing this one using foundation piecing and made an absolute pig’s ear of it so I improvised and am much happier with it.


J1 Josepha’s Jonquil – applique – simple.


J13 Pam’s Bells – Foundation pieced and applique.


M10 Simple Simon – nice and quick machine pieced.

These are all made with a new fabric addition to the Dear Jane mix – a soft turquoise. I was getting concerned that some of my fabric’s were running out so this one has come to the rescue.

Until next time,

Chris x