Two Bees or not Two Bees

Welcome 🙂

This week has been a week with little sewing going on again so I thought I’d share a project I finished just before the summer.

A while ago one of my quilting friends showed me a framed picture of hexie flowers that she had made for her cloakroom. I loved her picture and set about making one for my ‘littlest room’ too.

I started by making these little 3/4″ hexies with a bee themed project in mind. The sewing part happened quite quickly.


Then I started looking for some little bee buttons to go on it but couldn’t find just what I was after so I thought I’d bee ( 🙂 ) creative and have a go at making some out of Fimo.

As you can see, some fat Bumble bees were the outcome 🙂


I even remembered to put holes in them before they were baked.


Whilst I was away I found a box frame in a Charity shop which I have painted up and mounted the honeycomb in.


Those bees never made it to the cloakroom but have ended up in our dining room instead 😉

On a completely different note, I work in an office with a lady whose Golden Retriever had a litter of 10 puppies at the start of the summer. I went to see them on Monday and they are beautiful. Thought you might like to see them too…


Until next time,

Chris x



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