The Wanderer Returns

Welcome 🙂

Goodness it seems like I’ve been away a long time!

I’m pleased to report that my Bra bag was much used and very useful on my holiday. We had a 3 centre holiday starting off in Cornwall where hubby was involved in a play at the amazing Minack Theatre, an open air theatre built into a cliff – well worth a visit if you’re in the area, then we crossed the Channel into Brittany for a few days, travelling into Normandy for a few more days before heading back home. All in all the weather was very kind to us and we had a super fun time.

On the way to the ferry at Le Havre we stopped off at a bustling little place called Pont-L’Eveque and had  a jolly little wander around. I came across this brilliant shop


There’s an article about it here. It was an old fashioned type of shop full of household goods. I could have spent a lot of time and money in there! As it happens I did buy this gorgeous shaped basket which probably has some traditional use but I thought it would be great to put a little sewing project in.


Very little sewing got done on holiday even though I went very well prepared with some of my Dear Jane blocks all layered up and ready to hand quilt (I’m going to use the quilt as you go method for DJ). I managed to quilt about 9 blocks then had second thoughts about hand quilting them as they were so hard going on my poor fingers – so many layers to quilt through.


Much as I love the look of hand quilting I’m not sure I can tackle all the blocks in this way. I shall quilt a couple of blocks using my machine and then decide.

Since getting back I’ve been busy gardening – taming the beast that the garden turns into when it’s left on its own for too long! I don’t grow much veg but the courgettes (zucchini) had turned into marrows, the tomatoes are on overdrive and the French beans, after a slow start, are cropping like there’s no tomorrow.

The only thing I’ve sewn is another bag which I made from some oil cloth I had left over from a tablecloth.


the fabric is by designer Sophie Allport – those bunnies are cute 🙂

I hope your summer has been fun and productive.

Until next time,

Chris x




6 thoughts on “The Wanderer Returns

  1. What a great trip away. I have seen that theatre on TV many times and would love to go – must be amazing to see a play there. Did you cross to Roscoff? I love it there and the coast line. The basket looks nicely made – I have seen that shape around. I used to have a postcard with different shapes of basket on it which may have given a clue as to it’s use but I can’t find it at the moment. Love your quilted DJ’s – so much nicer than machine quilting but as you say some of them are very thick which is why I went for machine quilting. xx


  2. Hi Chris,
    Is that the right link for the shop? It takes us to Hokkaido Kudasai, and I didn’t see anything about the shop.
    Not sure this comment will reach you, my comments and blog are playing up at the moment, so this might not work!
    Sounds like you had a brilliant holiday. Great that you were pleased with your bra bag, and that it was right for what you needed!

    Hugs, Babara xx


  3. I’m glad you had a good holiday. The hand quilting does look beautiful but quilting should be fun and if it hurts your hands i can see the sense in machine quilting. I love that bag, of course i do – you could have predicted i’d love those bunnies! Don’t suppose you can remember where you bought the oilcloth?


  4. Welcome back! Your blocks do look awesome, and if you quilt enough, you build up calluses and strength, but if you aren’t enjoying it, there’s no point to it. =) Love the basket, just perfect for sewing things – or Little Red Riding Hood’s lunch for Grandma. =)


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