Knot Too Difficult

Welcome 🙂

Recently a friend gifted me some bits of fabric which were leftover from a spot of dressmaking. They included a striking orange cotton print which, in turn, made me immediately think of another friend who loves all things orange.

I passed the fabric on but was passed it back with a request to make her a Japanese knot bag.

I don’t know if you’ve seen these bags but they’re great for carrying small things around – like a purse and a phone. The handle arrangement makes them quite secure against pick pockets and easy to carry on your wrist.

This is the bag – weird handles but…


they form their very own bag closure – clever.


And as a bonus if you make it carefully it can be reversible too.

I used a pattern given to me by my friend but there are tutorials and patterns to be had on the internet.

I might just make one for my holidays.

Can anyone help

On an altogether different note I’d like to say to my bloggy friends that I’m really struggling with writing on Blogger blogs. For some reason whenever I try to write on them using my wordpress account my post just doesn’t seem to work – I press publish and up pops a draft again so I re-press publish and yet again up pops the draft at which point I usually give up! Also when I comment through google+ I never get a reply so can only assume that I come up as a no reply blogger even though it’s not linked to my blog. If any of you can help me with this I’d be grateful otherwise I’m so sorry for not commenting on your blogs – it’s not for want of trying.

Until next time,

Chris x



8 thoughts on “Knot Too Difficult

  1. When I comment using m google+ account I put my email address at the bottom if I need/want a reply.
    jen dot barnard at btinternet dot com


  2. I made a Japanese knot bag once but it was more of a canister shape, with a circle bottom. I found it a little tricky to make. I like yours better.
    I’ve heard of that problem with commenting. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you. I hope someone comes up with one. It must be frustrating for you.


  3. You’re not the only one having a hard time commenting on blogger. I’m afraid I haven’t got the magic touch either. Whenever I manage to post on blogger I feel the need to do a lap of honour around the room but I can’t quite figure out why it worked!!!
    I love your Knot Bag. Well done Chris x


  4. The knot bag is great – a useful design.
    Can’t help you with your problem except to say that sometimes when I comment on WordPress blogs I never get the reply although in the past I have always got yours! xx


  5. Hi Chris,
    Blogger changed in January 2016, if I remember correctly I think Google took over Blogger, and, as part of trying to keep us all safe, you now need a google account before you can comment on Blogger – which I’m sure is easy to sign up to.
    Love that fabric, and the bag you made is so sweet!
    Barbara xx


  6. Love the knot bag. Google+er comments and wordpress blogger comments always come up no reply, no matter what. Why not open a blogger acccount, use ot to comment and have a link back to your blog on your account profile page?


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