Hanging Around

Welcome 🙂

I’ve been sorting through my unfinished projects and came upon one which was inspired by a bottle of handcream!

Readers of my old blog, UK City Crafter, will know that I am working on a series of three wall hangings which all feature 3D flowers. I’ve made two of the hangings – you can see them both here – and now it’s the turn of the third.

This is the handcream which inspired the project, given to me by my lovely daughter last Christmas.


Lily of the valley always reminds me of my paternal Grandma, I have a hazy memory of her having a little arrangement of silk ones on her sideboard, and so these beautiful little flowers have a special place in my heart.

This is my design so far.


I shall be working on the quilting then adding the flowers which were made a while ago on a rather long and tedious car journey, that is if I can find them!

I hope it to have it finished by the end of the month – watch this space 🙂

What’s the weirdest place you’ve found inspiration from?

Until next time,

Chris x


6 thoughts on “Hanging Around

  1. Great idea Chris – C&E packaging is full of good design although as an ex C&E manager I am probably a bit biased! I have a star patchwork block that I took from and Italian bathroom tile design – I have yet to see it elsewhere so am claiming it as mine. xx


  2. I hope you find them – found them already! I love lily of the valley – the name is so beautiful and so are the little flowers. Your leaves are so perfect, I can hardly wait to see the flowers added. There’s a quilt I want to make for my boys. It’s a story quilt inspired by the saying they think I way over-used when they were growing up. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. =) The older one used to change it. If wishes were Porsches, beggars would drive. I want both parts on my quilt.


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