Button Up

Welcome 🙂

A while back a couple of my pals and I discovered Dorset buttons, a traditional method of making buttons using fine yarn and curtain rings of all things which, presumably, originated in Dorset in the South of England.

Because of all the time spent focusing on making flowers I forgot all about them but whilst tidying this week I came across the kit we bought and decided to get busy.

There are lots of different designs and the one I’ve had a go at is probably the most basic and is called the Crosswheel button or the Blandford Cartwheel.

It was a bit fiddly but fun and I can see me making quite a few more before I get them out of my system 😉


I can see from the photo that I could have squeezed in a couple of more rows before finishing off, but, believe me, those gaps sure didn’t show up when I was making it!

I’ve put a brooch back on it now.


and am happily wearing it on my cardigan.


I do love a brooch for jazzing up an outfit but they seem to have gone out of fashion, certainly here in the UK. Perhaps it’s time to have a revival 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x


6 thoughts on “Button Up

  1. I tried my hand at these a while ago. I wonder if it was your blog that got me on them? They are fun, and can get quite elaborate and decorative if you wish.


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