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As readers of my ‘old’ blog UK City Crafter will already know I’m part of a team of ladies who make banners for my Church and this year we were invited to create a flower display for our annual Flower Festival. The level of talent our flower ladies have is very high and we were all excited and honoured to be asked to join in.

They loved our idea of making fabric flowers for our display and after what seems like weeks of making flowers we took them to the Church on Thursday and Friday and assembled our arrangement.

I think its fair to say that it looked very different from the other displays but we were pleased with what we’d achieved given that none of us have ever done any flower arranging before.

I was in Church yesterday afternoon showing visitors around and I was pleased to see a steady flow of people coming in to enjoy the beautiful flowers. I heard lots of appreciative comments about all the displays and some folk made very nice comments about ours, which was lovely.

So prepare yourselves for a photo heavy post 😉20160625_150841The festival theme was ‘Reaching Out’ and was all about the different groups in the Church and how they serve the community. I did have a work in progress hanging up next to the flowers but my photo of it turned out too blurred to post – sorry.20160624_141442The bee is from a book by Debbie Mumble – she calls them Mumble bees! The snail is a Tilda snail made extra small.20160624_14145120160624_141505Most of the flowers are khazanchi flowers with a few yoyo flowers thrown into the mix.20160624_14143020160624_141511Although it doesn’t look it that garland of flowers is quite high up – I’m glad I didn’t have to put them up there and I hope I’m not called upon to take them down too!20160625_150929We used every flower we’d made together with real foliage and wiggly twigs. People seemed to love the bees and snail. A group of sewing friends popped in which was lovely as they really appreciated the time and effort that had gone into making the flowers.

I think it’s safe to say that we enjoyed the experience but would we do it again? I suppose that all depends on whether we’re asked 😉

Until next time,

Chris x






6 thoughts on “Show Time

  1. Oh wow! I know this was a lot of work! I’ve made a few flowers similar to these and know the work involved. These arrangements are beautiful! Good job!


  2. Oh, that’s great! I was thinking living flowers, but these bouquets will last. That bee is amazing, and I love the snail, of course. That one basket represents a lot of time, I know, and the banner is beautiful. Maybe they will just leave it up. =)


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